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The Importance of Filtration for the Printing Press in the Modern World

Melissa Shea-Brooks

The History of the Printing Press

During the 15th century, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. After this invention, mass production occurred, along with the spread of printed books. The printing press allowed ideas and information from all over to be shared amongst the people in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Today’s Printing

The printing press has surely evolved throughout time. The number of printers in the world are practically countless. We have gone far beyond Gutenberg's printer. We have made it possible to print 3D objects! Even with our regular printers, we have changed them to allow high quality (color) printing. Our digital printing has improved greatly due to our many innovations.

VOCs and Pollution

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) make up many of the chemicals that are emitted into the atmosphere and contribute to smog. Generally, printing VOCs come from the inks, fountain solution additives, coatings, adhesives, and more. VOCs evaporate into the air after they are emitted and add to air pollution. No matter what printer you have, it will emit VOCs.

The Affects of VOCs

These compounds can lead to allergic, immune, and respiratory issues. They can worsen asthma symptoms. High exposure to VOCs can lead to cancer in animals and in humans. They are also known to be associated with the growth of cancerous tumors. To the environment, VOCs aid the growth of pollution and decreases the air quality of indoor and outdoor air.

Innovation at Xerox

The capabilities of Xerox are impressive. Xerox is maintaining their status as a top world technology innovator. They like the challenge of making things happen and that is what they are continually working on- making things happen! Digital presses from Xerox offer great speed and quality. Wouldn't it be right to make sure that the presses and printers were running at their best? Good air filtration will take care of their systems so that they remain dependable, and functioning at the highest level.


Air filtration within printing presses will reduce the amount of VOCs being emitted into the air and will also keep the printing system running without a flaw. Filters that are properly installed and fit the printer can trap many of the particulates that make up VOCs so that they do not get emitted into the outer air. The filters also rid the printer's mechanical parts of dust that could clog and overheat the printers.

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