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The Importance of Air Filtration in Small Commercial Vehicles

Melissa Shea-Brooks

Commercial vehicles, no matter what shape or size, encounter practically every driving condition you can imagine. They keep the shipment and the driver safe, they deserve to be taken care of, their engine more specifically. Engine filters were manufactured to remove airborne contaminants and keep your engine healthy, but they cannot do that without a watchful eye.

Consequences of Not Taking Care of Your Engine

Filters are the kidneys to a vehicle. Filters catch any grime that could cause damage to air filters, and unless you want a polluted engine, your job is to make sure that the filters are in good working condition. Dirt, dust, and other debris will clog the engine if the filters aren't changed. All of the contaminants could create wear on the filter, and eventually the engine.

Dangers of Bad Filtration

When the filtration system in a vehicle is no longer working effectively, many dangers can arise. A clogged filter can cause overheating which could blow the engine, resulting in costly and time consuming repairs for the vehicle. An overused filter will wear down and allow contaminated air into the engine, which can lead to engine failure as well.

Appropriate Air Filtration

Filters that have a rating between 9 to 12, on the MERV rating scale, capture auto emissions and other dust-like particulates. Depending on the type of commercial vehicle it is, the size and rating differ but they should never go below a nine. Proper air filtration can keep the filter and the engine running longer and smoother. Depending on which filter you have, the filter changing schedule will vary.
For more information on commercial vehicle filters, visit our website: Used:,2,31,2,Trailer-Air-Filtration.aspx

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