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About Us

Burnett Process Inc, 545 Colfax Street, Rochester

Burnett Process was established in 1957. Centralized in Rochester, NY; We provide fabrication services, individually tailored to our customer’s specifications. We are a full service fabricating house, offering solutions from design concept and engineering to project completion. We offer a large number of services many of which, can be customized to meet your needs!


Product Applications

Filtration: HEPA, pleated, ozone, charcoal (carbon) and more!! Custom size formation available!      

Gaskets: Burnett Process, Inc. is a gasket manufacturer, gasket supplier and gasket fabrication specialist with manufacturing capabilities to serve our customers applications. Gaskets can be made with or without PSA laminated to a variety of foams, rubber, or other materials.

Foam Fabrication: Complete foam fabrication services using a wide variety of flexible and rigid foam materials. We utilize cost effective foam product solutions for any application and all industries. 

LaserVac: LaserVac service vacuums are commercial quality portable industrial vacuum cleaners. They have fully grounded electrical systems, with ESD hoses and accessory tools. The cleaner is designed to operate with Burnett Process, Inc. standard disposable high efficiency filtration modules and/or filter bags. The vacuums are specifically designed to pick up sub-micron dry toners (black and color) and heavy developers. They are ideally suited to handle fine paper dust and dry foreign deposits common to the office, machine, printing and telecommunication industries.