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Burnett Process Opens New Showroom and Distribution Center in Florida

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Burnett Process, Inc. expands into Florida –


Burnett Process, Inc. is a manufacturer of air filters ranging from automotive to charcoal, to HEPA and hard to find ozone filters. The Burnett organization is pleased to announce the opening of our newest sales and distribution center located in Oakland Park, Florida. The Burnett facility is conveniently located inside the beautiful and newly renovated Cannon-Diamond Building at 2701 West Oakland Park Boulevard. On display you will see:


  • Filters that control odors, filters that help capture dangerous viruses and particles to sub-micron levels.
  • Filters in a variety of shapes and sizes from square to round to pyramid-shaped, currently used by Fortune 500 companies and other institutions.
  • Fascinating examples of foam fabrication used in shipping and packaging.
  • The LaserVac HEPA portable industrial vacuum cleaner and its accessories – a superior vacuum cleaner that has been in the hands of technicians for over 35 years.


Burnett Process showroom, FloridaWhy Florida? Florida was selected because of its proximity to neighboring countries. Burnett is currently distributing product all around the globe from Canada to Mexico to China. Florida has one of the highest numbers of hospitals per capita in the nation. The hospital market has embraced the world of technology, but how good are they at filtering the air you breathe while you’re there? Burnett Process, Inc. is looking for opportunities to explore the possibilities of creating a safer environment and we welcome opportunities to create custom filters for new technology. We understand that in the healthcare industry, your life is at stake, and hospitals have to deal with the best options available. We want to be one of those “best” options! Florida has a very diverse business base –

From health and education to tourism. The number of these facilities in Florida was another one of the many reasons why we were drawn to the area. We also know that there is a great need to service clean rooms and laboratories, as well as provide HEPA filters. These are all areas we have experience in and look forward to partnering with various organizations and coming up with custom solutions.


Burnett Process, Incorporated was acquired in 2006 by Jack Cannon with sales of around 2.5 million dollars. In less than six years the company has more than doubled its revenue, and projects a continuation of double-digit growth for the foreseeable future. Jack Cannon, the president and CEO of the company, says that this growth is based on two very simple principles. First, “delivering a quality product on time and at a fair price!” Second, to look for opportunities that enhance our current products lines and satisfy a growing need.

Currently, we serve clients in the following industries:

-    Transportation

-    Healthcare / Laboratories

-    Printing / Copying

-    Residential

-    Education

-    Mass Transit

-    Construction

Burnett Process is the right choice for your air filtration, gaskets, foam fabrication and packing material needs. We are a just in time manufacturer that can design custom solutions for you. If you do not see what you specifically need, please feel free to request a quote! Our engineers can make what you need. Also, because we employ locally, you can trust that we are doing our part to help the local market, as well as the markets in all of our locations. 

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