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Spring Cleaning with the LaserVac Shark 9000

Melissa Shea-Brooks Cleaning Crevice Dust Environment LaserVac Office Shark Spring

Well folks, it is that time of year again. Time to break out the cleaning supplies and open up the windows, its Spring Cleaning time!

Just before you think about what needs to be mopped or dusted and vacuumed at home, let's think about the place that you are spending the majority of your time....the office. With the average person spending at least 40 hours or more at the office during the week, it is only right to be working in a clean and healthy environment.

So what can we do?

Spring Cleaning is all about deep cleaning, this is where the LaserVac Shark 9000 comes into play. This portable vacuum solution is not only essential to maintenance personnel and field technicians, it is essential for anyone who is looking for efficient, fine particle removal. This vacuum has a special by-pass system that cleans the contaminated air that is brought in by the vacuum in a high efficiency filtration module, that is separate from the motor, which means that not only is this vacuum safer, but it will last you a very long time as well.

Let's clean that space!

The LaserVac Shark 9000-II comes with a crevice tool, crevice insert brush, 8 foot static dissipative hose, a 15 foot long power cord, and a high efficiency fitration module, those are just to get you started! These will help you to get all your otherwise forgetten areas like creases and crevices on your desks, shelving units and window sills.

After you wipe down your surfaces; your monitor, keyboard and phone, get yourself a keyboard brush, and go over those surfaces a final time...get ready to be amazed at the results. Truth be told: we are happier when things are cleaner, and happy workers are productive workers!

Take pride in your workspace with LaserVac, you'll be glad you did!

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