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Transportation Applications

Burnett Process transportation filters and accessories are an ideal cost effective solution that can be customized to meet your needs.Burnett Process Inc. has expanded into transportation and we are prepared to work with you to solve your filtration needs.  We pride ourselves on our ability to design and create custom air and water filters that are both effective and efficient!  

At Burnett Process, Inc. we take designing our filters very seriously and we welcome the challenge of creating a product that will protect your health, and our environment.  Our cabin filtration market includes designing for automotive, over-the-road trucks, off the road dirt haulers and movers, as well as agricultural applications.  We provide custom solutions to address the contaminants in passenger cabins and engine induction systems.  We work with only the leading manufacturers of filter media used in all applications in filtration transportation.  Our filters can be specified to have metal, paper, or plastic frames, it’s up to you! Our filters are available by order, and we are willing and able to work with you to create a filter that will meet your needs and still be cost efficient to you and your company. Call Burnett Process, Inc. today, or request a quote and let us become your next valued supplier.
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