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Ozone Filters

    Ozone filters help to remove the potentially harmful ozone gas from the air

    Ozone (O3) is a potentially toxic gas found in some high voltage electrical devices and can sometimes be produced by UV light. Ozone can often be recognized by its sweet smell. Ozone is an unstable gas and becomes less harmful over time, as it converts eventually to Oxygen (O2). Ozone can affect the eyes and the respiratory system with prolonged exposure. Burnett Process ozone filters are the ideal solution for reducing the risks associated with ozone. 

    Our ozone filters made from ceramic, aluminum, or paper are impregnated with a solution of fine powder-like activated carbon. These filters remove the toxic ozone gas emitted from printing machines and office copiers. The ozone filter can be packaged within a plastic frame and a polyester media filter to remove dust and ozone.

    • Remove Ozone gas emitted from printing machines and copiers
    • Millions of pores absorb odor molecules
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