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Charcoal Air Filters

    Charcoal impregnated filters provide an excellent solution for filtering of odors and fumes.

    Carbon polyester media filters (charcoal filters) are a simple way to reduce or eliminate odors and fumes. Fine carbon powder provides millions of pores to quickly absorb odor molecules. Even distribution of the carbon throughout the polyester media assures an excellent capture percentage on the first pass. 

    • Reduce or eliminate odors and fumes
    • Millions of pores absorb odor molecules
    How Carbon Air Filters Work

    Carbon air filters trap molecules inside adsorbent pores. The pores in the charcoal are formed when the charcoal is treated with oxygen. The oxygen opens the spaces between carbon atoms, allowing for the charcoal to become a highly adsorbent material. When fumes or an odor pass through the charcoal filter, they are trapped by the pores in the charcoal, creating a chemical bond between the charcoal and the odor molecules, allowing for the elimination or reduction in odor or fumes. Carbon air filters are ideal for capturing particles that are too small to be trapped by HEPA filters. Carbon filters are usually used in conjunction with another type of filter.
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