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The Importance of Dust Free Electronics

Melissa Shea-Brooks

Dust in the Office:

The average office has a low density of dust in the air. So why would dust free electronics be a big deal in my office? Well, many PCs do not have a dust filter. The “lucky” ones that do, only have a cheap mesh filter that was designed to catch some of the dust that is brought in by the computers cooling fan.

Your PC, display, monitor, and printers are very vulnerable to the dust in the air.


What Really Happens:

Dust particles can contain moisture (water/oil), organic material (carbon), various minerals, and/or chemicals. All of those things mentioned can greatly affect the reliability and life span of the average personal computer if it is overexposed. Dust containing conductive material such as water, oils, and metallic elements can lead to signal errors and abrupt part failures.

While no one is able to give an accurate and precise prediction of the life span reduction of a PC, in most situations, dust accumulation will begin to affect the operation of your computer within 2 years.


Reliability Problems and Failures:

Internal dust accumulation is one of the main principles of premature failure and issues with reliability.

Your computer's susceptibilities can surface rather quickly, if it is not maintained annually. Many integrated circuits (ICs) are susceptible to damage from dust. Modern ICs can have as many as 100 electrical contacts per inch exposed. The most susceptible of ICs are those that have a metal lid that will act as a heat-sink cooling surface. This metal surface must essentially be dust free. When in contact, dust acts like an insulating blanket, preventing the necessary convention cooling. The insulating affect can cause the ICs to suffer from overheating as well as electrical shorts, due to the dust across their contacts. Temperature can increase by nearly 30ºF due to the build up of dust. This increase is significant and can lead to a complete failure. Ingestion of dust into the computer processor case and monitor needs to be minimized in order to avoid serious electrical problems (such as the ones above).



What Will Dust Do to My Computer?

Your personal computer has numerous mechanical devices and manual controls whose performance suffers when exposed to excessive dust. For example: optical disk drives (CDROM/DVD), floppy/ZIP disk drives, USB ports, and your keyboard and mouse. The most vulnerable components mentioned above are the (CDROM/DVD) because their monitors and servos will easily overheat and they need a clear, dust-free pathway for the laser-light and optical lenses to function properly.

Optical drives have rather fragile tray systems (load-unload) that will easily jam if the rail path is not completely smooth. Dust can cause many functions of your electronics to become jammed, and the dust does this easily. If exposed to excessive dust, internal interface cables and expansion slots can become unusable. Dust causes irreversible damage to electronics and its electromechanical components.


What Can Be Done to Save Our Electronics?


You may be thinking that there is not much hope for saving your electronics, but we have evidence of the contrary. You do not need a superhero to save the day (or your electronics). We believe that you need a LaserVac Shark 9000-II. Our electrostatic dissipative hose attachment lets you extend the life of your electronics by safely removing that dreadful villain… dust. Our portable vacuum units come with a 15 foot power cord so you can eradicate that dust with ease. We also offer many attachments that will aide in your dust removal process. Take it from us, dust prevention is key for extended electronic operation.


All Burnett Shark models use a pleated micro fine paper especially designed to pick up sub-micron particles. With a 98% efficiency, the LaserVac portable industrial vacuum cleaners use a unique by-pass system that cleans the contaminated air being brought in by the vacuum in a high efficiency filtration module, separate from the motor, resulting in a safer and longer-lasting vacuum. Not much can take this superhero down! The filtration module holds up to 5 pounds of toner or 20 pounds of developer, and allows up to five shakeouts for reuses. The Shark 9000 vacuum weighs approximately 11.5 lbs.


Click the link below to check out our Shark 9000-II:





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