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The Importance of Air Filtration in Schools

Melissa Shea-Brooks

Problematic Dilemma

There are thousands of schools all across the world and at least half of them have diagnosed with indoor air quality (IAQ) problems. Proper ventilation and air filtration may remove the majority from this list.

School: An Easy Target for Particulates

The population of a school is much denser than an average commercial office building. A person's clothing could bring in particulates as well as open doors or windows. Transportation that many schools offer could also allow particulates to come into contact with people. Asthma is one of the leading causes of students missing school due to the chronic illness. The poor indoor air quality can exacerbate the conditions of one's asthma.

Air Filtration

Every individual that goes to school, whether you are a student or employee, should be entering an environmentally safe and healthy place. Many schools utilize low efficiency filters, rated 1 to 4 on the MERV scale. Filters rated 1 to 4 remove minimal levels of all particulate matter from the air. 1 to 4 ratings are generally found in window A/C units and homes.

Filter Improvements

Higher efficiency filters will not only keep people healthy, but also keep the HVAC systems healthy and working at optimal levels. Higher efficiency pleated filters are known to improve the overall indoor air quality. Having a filtration system that is appropriate for the particular conditions; can increase the indoor air quality, improve equipment efficiency, and improve system performance.

MERV Ratings Appropriate for Schools

Although many schools have filters rated from 1 to 4, the MERV rating that would be an appropriate minimum would be a 7. Seven is for better residential applications but can apply to schools. A MERV 12 rated would most likely be the best filter for a school. They are generally found in superior residential applications.

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