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Oval Filter


Part Number: BP-12-OVAL

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Dust collector filters are appropriate for a broad range of uses, from control of fumes and fine particle dust and many more applications. Typical commercial uses include:  • Paint lines and booths• Industrial processing • Metalworking • Pharmaceutical • Woodworking • Ceramic studios and much more.

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Donaldson P199474-016-436. Donaldson P199413-016-431, UAS NF20322, UAS 133007, UAS 1330000, AAF #5237045, Sulzer Metco P030635

Air Filter Attributes:

Media Type: Nanoweb on Cellulose

Filter Area (sq ft): 190.00

Outer Diameter: 11.36” x 14.36”

Inner Diameter: 7.98“ x 10.98”

Length: 26.00”

Outer Liner: Yes

Temperature Limit: 180 F

Temperature Limit: 82 C

Flame Retardant: Yes

Pleat Height: 1.62”

Shape: Oval Cartridge

Endcap Construct: Open/Open

Construction: Ployurethane endcaps / Galvanized screens


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